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With AXIS Body Worn Live, you’re in it together. As soon as a wearer starts recording, they can start streaming encrypted video to an operator behind the scenes. The wearer knows someone’s got their back. And the operator can make informed decisions.

Wearers never feel alone
At the time of an incident, immediately activate a live audio and video stream from their camera. The operator is notified to follow along in real-time in the cloud-based application. They can make informed decisions like when to send in backup – and GPS location coordinates indicate where they should send it.

See and hear it all
From the moment of activation, everything AXIS Body Worn Live picks up is streamed back to headquarters. Even if the transmission drops out data-gap retrieval means no data will be lost, for example, if the wearer suddenly finds themselves in a WIFI dead zone it remains accessible for a full 24 hours.

Flexible, secure, and reliable
AXIS Body Worn Live works independently of VMS or EMS. View streamed video on one or more viewers simultaneously, while ensuring end-to-end transmission encryption. AXIS Body Worn Live runs on the secure Microsoft Azure platform. GDPR compliant and updated with software releases/patches.

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