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Join us Oct. 11 at the inaugural InterOp Canada virtual event, dedicated to enhancing interoperability for public safety across our country. As we face an increasing number of large-scale emergencies, it is imperative that our dedicated police, fire, EMS, and emergency managers can collaborate seamlessly to protect our communities.

Want to know what you can expect at the event?

Keynote: A vision for national interoperability

In our opening discussion, we’ll be looking at Canada’s interoperability strategy and action plan, which helped to identify ways to enhance governance, planning, technology, training and exercises to promote interoperable voice and data communications. Join us as we assess the progress made since the plan's inception in 2010 and chart the course forward.

Panel: What does national interoperability look like?

True national interoperability would see integrated Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), two-way standards-based sharing of voice and data, national and provincial training exercises, and daily use. In this panel, leaders from the realms of police, fire, EMS and emergency management will explore their unique perspectives on achieving interoperability, strategies for advancement, and the challenges they foresee on this journey.

Panel: The growing threat of heat emergencies

Our changing climate is giving rise to volatile and extreme weather events, including the growing threat of heat emergencies that require multi-agency responses. From an interoperability standpoint, these emergencies cover vast geographic areas and bring forth challenges such as power outages, cell phone tower disruptions, cooling station requirements, special care for vulnerable populations, and the potential for mass casualty events. Discover how different agencies are collaborating to ensure the safety of our communities in the face of this escalating challenge.