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Recently, the Canadian National Police Federation, provided recommendations that include the use of Electronic Monitored (EM) GPS Ankle Bracelets. We here at SafeTracks applaud this recommendation. In the spirit of being Pro-Active, we are reaching out respectfully to engage you, so we can provide you with details of the SafeTracks Private Rental Program.

As you know, the Criminal Justice system in Canada is a continually evolving process where changes in legislation, policy, priorities, and technology are a reality. Electronic Monitoring (EM) of offenders is an example of this over the past decade, which is especially relevant today as public policy is seeking to more effectively monitor high risk and repeat offenders, protecting victims of domestic violence, supporting crime prevention in communities, including indigenous communities, avoiding continuing criminalization by finding alternatives to custody and appropriately reducing caseloads through diversionary programs. As well, the use of EM to achieve these goals has expanded dramatically over the past decade with some Provinces.

Legal authorization for the use of EM as a condition of release has also grown over the same time period with both express legislative authorization (Criminal Code and Corrections and Conditional Release Act. etc… as well as Charter compliance confirmation as a ‘reasonable condition’ by different Courts in Canada including the 2007 Supreme Court of Canada Charkaoui case. (Charkaoui v. Canada – Citizenship and Immigration) [2007] 1 S.C.R. 350). A full analysis of the relevant legislation and court rulings is also available should it be of assistance.

Another positive development has been the approval by the Crown and Courts to add EM as a condition of release rather than detention where the person before the Court is willing to enter in a private rental agreement to secure the EM system which is assisted by the person’s counsel. SafeTracks has provided these private rental services with great success throughout Canada over the past decade and we continue to do so which is why we are reaching out to you, to make sure that you are aware, that utilizing EM GPS Ankle Bracelets for client’s release has just become an achievable seamless process.

For more information, please reply to privaterental@safetracksgps.ca, and we’ll send you our “Program” Document. The Program will provide you with answers to frequently asked questions. The Program has also been entered in court as evidence and considered as a SafeTracks Program Affidavit.

Being Proactive Today, Not Reactive Tomorrow.

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