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A Message from our sponsor
WPAC webinar
How to JOIN US for the Pre-Conference Tour and the Maritime Bioheat Conference.
Join us for a pre-conference tour @11am AT on June 2, 2021 before the Maritime Bioheat Conference which goes LIVE @1pm AT. Here's How!

Step 1: MARK YOUR CALENDARS. Bookmark this link in your browser or calendar and join us @11am AT. You will also get an invitation the morning of the event to join - watch for it in your inbox from "Tara Jacobs"

Steph 2: ENJOY the pre-conference tour which will be broadcast starting @11am AT, followed by our sponsor breakout sessions.

Step 3
On the bottom of your zoom window you will see an icon for Breakout Rooms. Click this icon and a list of 4 rooms will open. Hover over the number you see in blue and it will change to "JOIN" click to joing that breakout room.

Step 4: PICK AND CHOOSE. You can come and go from breakout rooms as you choose. Be sure to visit each sponsor. Unfortunately you cannot be in two places at once. Choose the room that suits you best.

Step 5: LOG OFF. When breakout sessions are done they will all close. You can now log off. Don't Forget to JOIN US LIVE @ 1pm AT for our Maritime Bioheat Conference. This link will be individual to you, and you will receive that in your inbox from "Tara Jacobs" with details on how to join!

QUESTIONS?? Send your questions and comments to events@annexbusinessmedia.com and we will be happy to assist you.