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MoistTech manufactures the diamond standard in moisture sensors. Why is it important to measure and control the moisture? Pellet mills are only as efficient as the consistency of the material that is being inputted. One metric that is often undervalued is the moisture rate of the incoming biomass. Changing the moisture percentage even by as little as 1% makes a noticeable difference in the pellet quality both in the durability and in the sheen. If the moisture rate varies by 3-5% it is almost impossible to consistently make a durable pellet. The other factor that moisture directly affects is the amperage of the main drive on the pellet mill. In wood pelleting specifically, if the moisture rate trends upwards the amperage of the motor swings upwards as well. When the moisture rate drops, the amperage falls significantly. This bouncing of the amperage rate can have a detrimental effect on the production capacity of the pellet mill. As much as a 20% decrease in production rates can be seen simply because the inbound biomass wasn’t consistent moisture content. An IR-3000 series moisture sensor from MoistTech can instantly create production efficiency and quality during the production process.

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