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The Brunette BioSizer® is ergonomic and low maintenance. This rugged, high-speed secondary grinder features a heavy-duty main frame protected with internal, replaceable wear liners. It processes materials like trim blocks, wood chips, and typical urban waste to produce a fine, consistent product ideal for the biomass industry. The BioSizer’s high inertia rotor and four rows of staggered steel hammers ensure maximum grinding capacity so you can take control of your fibre supply.
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Firefly has solutions for protecting the whole Wood Pellet Manufacturing Process.

Firefly offers a unique solution on the market combining a Fire Prevention Solution; our Firefly Spark Detection System with a Fire Protection Solution; our Firefly Quick Suppression System. Firefly’s unique Spark Detection System is based on True IR spark detectors that are insensitive to daylight. The Firefly Spark Detection and Extinguishing System are certified according to FM, Factory Mutual and VdS, Schadenverhütung GmbH.”

FWS Group of Companies is proud of a heritage tracing its roots back to 1953 and its ongoing commitment to precision, professionalism, safety, and quality. We are driven to deliver optimum value to all stakeholders within the communities we serve.
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  • Versatile
  • Powerful
  • Compact
Lowest emissions, highest efficiency and longevity as well as a maximum of comfort and cost reduction characterize the products of biomass heating manufacturer Hargassner
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Why is it important to measure and control the moisture content? Pellet mills are only as efficient as the consistency of the material that is being inputted. One metric that is often undervalued is the moisture of the incoming biomass. Changing the moisture percentage even by as little as 1% makes a noticeable difference in the pellet quality, durability and sheen. An IR-3000 moisture sensor from MoistTech can instantly increase efficiency and quality during production.
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The pellet industry has been waiting a long time for more energy-efficient production facilities. The engineers at stela took up the topic at an early stage and found a solution that enables energy savings of up to 55%.

The stela RecuDry® system, a new technology that makes it possible to retrofit existing plants quickly, space-saving and cost-effectively, while making a significant contribution to reducing emissions and setting higher safety standards leading towards a worry-free operation.
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NESTEC is a leading supplier in new, replacement, and refurbished air emission control systems for a wide range of industries and applications, including wood products, ethanol, can manufacturing, food processing, insulation manufacturing, specialty chemical, electric vehicle battery production, solid fuel boilers, oil & gas, refinery FCCU pharmaceutical, packaging, coating, printing, automotive, metalized film, building products, asphalt, and semiconductor fab.

NESTEC is a full-service system provider, including application engineering, manufacturing/fabrication, mechanical/electrical installation, and on-site services. We work closely with end-users, engineering firms and consultants to determine the right solution for the application. We also specialize in aftermarket solutions to optimize existing technologies and system installations. Contact us today to get started on your free process evaluation, analysis, or proposal!
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Thank you for visiting our booth at WPAC 2023 in Ottawa. SALMATEC is one of the leading suppliers in the pelleting industry. With state of the art pelleting equipment and cutting edge technologies, we have installed more than 2.000 pellet mills all over the world. Visit us online or meet us in Victoria next year!
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