When it comes to continuing education, many professionals find online courses appealing. It is flexible, inexpensive, and can be done anywhere with an internet connection. However, many online courses come in the form of pre-recorded webinars and modules. At EPIC Training, we offer Instructor-Led Online Training.

All EPIC courses are taught by qualified and industry-experienced instructors. Students receive an immersive learning experience, with the added benefit of collaboration with peers in your field. Here’s why engineering professionals should incorporate this type of training into their overall program:
  • Learn through participation and interaction with your peers from across Canada
  • Speaker can adjust content to fit individual needs on the fly
  • Flexibility for your busy schedule and accessibility no matter your location
  • Expansive variety of fundamental and advanced topics in all disciplines
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Mental Models for Technical Professionals
Apr 12, 2023 // 1.5 Professional Development Hours

This course will provide you with a dynamic set of thinking tools that will give you new ways to see the world, make decisions, solve problems, and add value.

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