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Traditionally, performance specifications have been based on operational requirements alone. But privacy must be built into all IoT devices from the beginning and at the design stage to adopt a ‘data protection by design’ approach to any product or service being developed.

We strongly believe that areas beyond the technical capabilities of a system should be included within a performance specification. But the security information supplied shouldn’t end there. Vendors and suppliers should also be providing installers and end users with best-practice advice to ensure continued cybersecurity and best operation.

That’s why every quarter, Aaron Kamitomo, A&E manager for Axis Communications Canada presents a free live webinar going deep on a specific topic and sharing real life examples. Join him on his next webinar on September 26 at 1pm “Ex-SPEC-tations - Beyond the datasheet and competitive compliance.”

Take a journey around a datasheet and relate it to specification writing and compliance. Key datasets like image sensor size, iris functions, MTBF and pixel density are just one part of the final product to the customer. The competitive landscape and specification compliance are important factors on the success of a solution for a customer, pull away the veil and see what's inside!

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