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As the latest in advanced single-sensor cameras from Axis, the AXIS M4317-PLVE and AXIS M4318-PLVE are easy to install right out of the box, packed with built-in cyber security features. With outstanding sharpness towards the edges, this camera has the power to “see” in the dark with individual IR LED’s configurable to suppress IR reflections from objects nearby. Produce images with detail when there are both dark and light areas in a same scene. See the complete overview with one camera – no blind spots and camera-side de-warped views.

Higher processing power allows the cameras to run advanced analytics and multiple features simultaneously. Recognize the difference between humans, vehicles, and types of vehicles, or choose which kind of objects you want to detect and trigger events based on the object type. Powered by ARTPEC-8 and DPLU, tailor-made applications from Axis partners allow for deep learning on the edge.

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