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About Us

A message from our sponsors

At Skyline Group, we pride ourselves on our mission: to create safe, elevated work areas that protect people, companies, and brands. Our team of height safety experts deliver the quickest and most efficient safety solutions for all your rooftop safety needs. We focus on creating safe access to your rooftop and creating a working environment on the rooftop that puts safety first!
From property owners and facility maintenance teams to specifiers and contractors, our responsibility extends far beyond mere compliance with regulations; it is a must to protect the lives of those who inhabit and visit our properties. It’s not just about safeguarding your liability or preserving your brand. It’s about acknowledging that every person has the right to a safe working environment. It’s about ensuring that accidents, injuries – and even near misses – are never part of the equation.

Interested in learning more about best practices in accessing your rooftop, while creating a safe working environment at heights? Download our guide to rooftop safety today to learn about;
Common hazards found on the rooftop
Safety obligations and standards
The safety hierarchy of control
Reviewing your elevated working environment for hazards
While working at heights, safety is a priority! With advancements in infrastructure, rooftops across the country are becoming crowded. This gradually impacts local standards and height safety regulations that require stricter guidelines. All those who own, operate, construct, and design buildings are responsible for ensuring a safe and compliant working environment.

Think safety first this spring and learn about the latest roof safety requirements and how to go about preventing an injury on your rooftop. Ask about our complimentary lunch and learn program, where we tailor the content of our safety learning session to meet your learning goals. In return, you also receive a certificate of participation for your records!

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