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A Message From Our Sponsor

Imagine a world where variable frequency drives (VFDs) come with zero drawbacks. It might sound more utopian than a consultant’s day off, but stick with us—it’s real, and we’re excited to share it with you!

You've likely felt the pain of premature motor death caused by those pesky VFD pulse width modulation (PWM) signals. These high-frequency switching are used to approximate an electrical signal, but also introduce issues such as motor overheating, motor insulation failure and bearing failure. Adding external filters can mitigate these issues, but they come with added complexity and cost to the system.

Fear not: there is an ideal solution out there!

Join us for this enlightening webinar that’s part lightbulb moment, part therapy for your motors. We’ll dive deep into the revolutionary world of Silicon Carbide (SiC) transistors, which are shaking up the power electronics landscape. These tiny giants enable VFDs to offer not just a hand but a whole arm to both the grid and your motors, providing ultra-low harmonics and clean sine waves—without an external filter in sight.

Simon Leblond is an innovation enthusiast and founder of VFDs against motor cruelty. He also happens to be the CEO and co-founder of SmartD Technologies, the company behind the Clean Power VFD. Before launching his crusade to defend motors, Simon helped launch a few companies, brought a number of technologies to market, and mentored start-ups entrepreneurs.
Bobby has ventured for 18 years into uncharted R&D territories. Continuing on, he spent the last 17 years in marketing, focusing on innovation and consumer engagement. If it's techy, Bobby has explored it. Renowned for innovation, he enjoys making motor control Simpler, Smaller, and Smarter. His expertise has nothing to do with motor cruelty—Bobby’s all about the tech, not the torment.

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