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The CBI 6800 Grinder effortlessly handles tough grinding tasks with its powerful Cat C27 engine delivering 1050 horsepower. It excels with materials like wood waste, green waste, and construction debris, ensuring unmatched productivity. Central to its performance is the precision-engineered rotor, designed for uniform feeding, consistent grinding, and impressive throughput, setting new industry standards. The patented cutting system of the rotor efficiently reduces various materials to precise particles, enhancing end-product quality and lowering operational costs.

Maintenance downtime is minimized with the CBI 6800's user-friendly design, accessible wear parts, and easy maintenance points. The split hog box allows full access for wear maintenance and screen changes. Beyond a tool, the CBI 6800 is an investment in business success, promising higher throughput, improved product quality, lower maintenance costs, and enhanced operational efficiency. This grinder is your catalyst for increased profitability.

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