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Our heavy-duty diesel engine oils provide protection and extend engine life, while exceeding industry standards. These products (available in synthetic, synthetic blend and conventional) come in a wide variety of grades to ensure you get what you need.

Since we’re located in Atlantic Canada, we know about cold weather – that’s why our products have exceptional performance in low temperatures. Our high-performance products can help you increase efficiency by improving shear stability and providing maximum wear protection, thereby reducing your trucks' downtime.

In addition to providing high-quality oils, we can also support you with a reliable supply whenever you need it. Our ISO-certified Blending & Packaging facility spans 157,000 square feet, including a state-of-the-art distribution center with direct access to rail, trucking and marine shipping.

Quality products and reliable supply. Where you need it, when you need it!

To learn more or to order HDDO products, please contact us at lubricantsales@irvingoil.com or call 1.800.574.5823.

Irving Oil Limited DBA Irving Blending & Packaging
10 King Square South
Saint John New Brunswick E2L 0G3 Canada
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