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This certificate program is an initiative designed for new hire and recently promoted Supervisors and Managers. The program focuses on encouraging the development of critical thinking, leadership and team management skills. Developing these skills supports increased productivity, improved workplace culture, enhanced team communication, higher employee engagement and overall promotes a collaborative working environment. With the help of a hands-on Workplace Performance Project participants don’t just learn new skills, but develop and enhance their skills to be able to apply their learning to their workplace.

This program provides skills training using industry validated content through virtually facilitated learning blended with e-learning and an action based workplace performance project.

Learning Pathway:
  • Communications & Soft Skills
  • Problem Solving & Process Improvement
  • Direct working connection to an EMC advancement coach
  • Psychological Health & Safety
  • Lean Fundamentals
  • Supplementary learning provided by Harvard ManageMentor®
  • and more!

$6,000 VALUE!

For more information, or to register, please visit: Manufacturing Essentials Certification, EMC

For new hires and/or recently promoted employees.

Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium
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Phn: 1-866-323-4362