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Broiler School is an exclusive four-part webinar series happening every Tuesday in September 2023 at 11am ET. Join us for key information from experts on opportunities, best practices and overcoming challenges in commercial broiler operations.

Broiler school is $80 for a limited time only – register today for live and on-demand access to these expert presentations, including the sessions from the previous two weeks.


Implications, emerging challenges, and opportunities for bolstering gastrointestinal function and health in a post-antibiotic world
Speaker: Lisa Hodgins, Ph.D., Manager of Poultry Nutrition, New Life Mills
This review will summarize implications of mandated restrictions on the preventative use of antibiotics and emerging Canadian broiler production programs to meet processor specifications. Challenges and opportunities for integrating alternative dietary strategies in commercial broiler production settings will be highlighted.

SEPTEMBER 26: Is biosecurity of broiler barns sufficient to face emerging infectious disease challenges?
Speaker: Dr. Jean-Pierre Vaillancourt, University of Montreal