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Wings Webinar

Two protesters get conditional discharge after Alberta turkey farm demonstration

Both activists faced one count of break and enter to commit mischief.

Manitoba Turkey Producers and Exceldor Cooperative partner on donation

Give $10,000 in turkey to South East Helping Hands food banks.

Supply management lives up to its name during pandemic

Chicken and egg sectors had to make quick adjustments as retail sales soared and restaurants shuttered.
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Nutritional and Digestive Disorders of Poultry

This text has been prepared to guide veterinarians, laboratory diagnosticians, nutritionists, and students in their professional activities relating to diseases, parasites, and malfunction of the digestive tract of commercial poultry.

The interrelationship of intrinsic and environmental factors in the context of intensive production systems requires an appreciation of the multifactorial etiology resulting in dysfunction. A systematic approach to evaluating production records, clinical signs, lesions, and laboratory investigations is stressed through adoption of a common format for the conditions reviewed. » Shop now
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New Technology

A guide to evaporative cooling systems

Hot summer days are here. And when we are complaining of high heat and humidity, you can bet that our turkeys need cooling systems. Being unable to sweat means that the bird’s only method of cooling down is to pant or flap its wings. Luckily, there are some evaporative cooling systems that can provide relief for turkeys in the barn. » Read more...

Phages show food safety potential

Campylobacter and Salmonella continue to top the list of troublesome foodborne pathogens in Canada. In search of solutions, an Ontario researcher is studying bacteriophage (bacteria “eaters”), a virus that attacks target bacteria. He’s looking to see if it could be used to improve food safety while reducing the use of conventional antimicrobials. » Read more...