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Dataminr Webinar
Use real-time information to inform campus security and operations

Campus environments are uniquely difficult to protect, whether they are for higher education, corporations, or healthcare organizations.

Join Krista Worley of Dataminr and Kelly McKinney, a Senior Director of Emergency Management, for a discussion about how hospital networks can employ social media and publicly available data to protect their campuses, staff, and patients as well as maintain smooth operations across facilities. Learn how this information compliments other data streams and is incorporated into organizational structures. Hear case studies of how value is extracted from this vast dataset and used to inform response to major events.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How publicly available data supports the protection and operations of campuses, including those in corporate, educational, and healthcare industries
  • Strategies for integrating publicly available information into preexisting organizational structures
  • How various departments within an organization can benefit from real-time publicly available data
  • Ways to get value from publicly available information and put it into action

Join us Tuesday, Nov. 27 at 2PM EST for an engaging discussion and presentation.

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