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The inaugural North American Drainage Conference will take place virtually on March 5, 2024.

For $20 USD, contractors, landowners and all those interested in drainage and water management can tune in for half a day of engaging educational content focused on tech, tools and the future of drainage.

Session speakers, titles and descriptions have now been announced. Our speakers include, but are not limited to:

Eileen Kladivko

Session: Drainage for the long-haul: Impacts on timeliness, crop yields, soil health, and water quality

Dr. Eileen J. Kladivko is Professor of Agronomy at Purdue University, where she teaches and does research and extension work in soil physics, soil biology, and soil management. Her overall research focus has been to identify soil management systems that improve environmental quality and promote agricultural sustainability. She is a founding member of the Midwest Cover Crops Council.

Kaiyu Guan

Session: Quantifying tile drainage impacts on crop yield, water quality, and soil biogeochemistry: from field to watershed scales

Kaiyu Guan is currently the Blue Waters Associate Professor in ecohydrology and remote sensing at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). He is also the founding director of the Agroecosystem Sustainability Center at UIUC. His research group uses satellite data, computational models, fieldwork and machine learning approaches to address how climate and human practices affect crop productivity, water resource availability and ecosystem functioning.

Ehsan Ghane

Session: Decision making support tools to inform drain design

Ehsan Ghane’s research goal is to increase the performance and profitability of agricultural water management systems and reduce their environmental impact. He is interested in innovative practices that reduce nutrient loss to surface water and conserve water for crop production. Some of these practices are controlled drainage, saturated buffer and drainage water recycling. He is also interested in modeling agricultural water management systems at the field scale.

Continuing education credits on soil and water management will be available for every session viewed.

Register to attend at DrainageConference.com.