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Ensure top-notch fluid sealing in hydraulic cylinders with Trelleborg Sealing Solutions' diverse range of hydraulic rod seals. From O-Ring energized Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) seals to polyurethane (PU) U-Cups, Trelleborg seals offer unrivalled protection against media ingress. Engineered for low friction, compact form, and easy installation, Trelleborg's proprietary designs cater to your specific needs. Optimize performance and reliability in your hydraulic systems with Trelleborg's advanced sealing solutions. Contact Daemar, the authorized distributor, today.
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Hercules is a market leading supplier of sealing products that include, hydraulic/pneumatic seals, O-rings, custom molded parts, machined plastic parts, PTFE seals, Radial shaft seals, and more!

Consistent high quality is ensured by our ISO9001: 2015 Quality Management system.

We have over 16,000 items stocked in our 2 Canadian locations in Barrie, ON and Montreal, QC. Services include full technical support and design assistance, as well as special packaging and labeling.
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SLIC Pins feature a sturdy spring-loaded plunger, which acts as an automatic cotter pin. SLIC Pins greatly speed and simplify assembly. Our SLIC Pin Applications Guide contains a handful of the many examples where SLIC Pins have improved assembly rates, as well as product safety and performance. Read the guide here, and contact Pivot Point for pricing, samples, or technical information for your specific application.
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A one-day tabletop show highlighting the latest design and manufacturing technologies for the OEM market across Canada. An effective forum for face-to-face interactions where engineers, product developers, machine builders and systems integrators can discuss, network, solicit advice and ‘kick the tires’ on the latest technologies and applications that drive your business.
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