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Electrical Business Magazine and Aartech Canada hosted a training session that discusses how electrical contractors and electricians can profitably tap into in-demand smart home and automation technologies, which could include lighting, temperature, security, home entertainment, energy, and so much more.

DO NOT let a lack of knowledge or understanding keep you from tapping into this vast market potential.

In Canada alone, the home automation market is estimated to be worth around 3 to 4 BILLION dollars, and the electrical contractor/electrician is perfectly placed to be the prime provider of these solutions.

WATCH a recording of this session, in which we cover everything from video doorbells and window shades to electric vehicle charging.

And be sure to visit our friends at Aartech Canada to learn more. Established 2002, Aartech is a Canadian owned and operated wholesale distributor of smart home, security and access control, cameras, and network products.

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