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As ICI (industrial, commercial, institutional) rooftops are becoming crowded with the latest technology to support the needs of the building, they are also becoming difficult to navigate safely. With various trip and fall hazards, it can become a challenge creating safe access to the rooftop, along with a safe working environment once on the rooftop. With new infrastructure also comes new hazards that need to be addressed with a compliant safety solution. So, what is the most effective way to create a safe rooftop, avoiding both workplace accidents and the legal ramifications?

This complimentary and informative webinar breaks down the most critical aspects that you need to know to keep rooftop worksites safe and secure. Whether you are in the midst of designing a new green and sustainable rooftop, or simply maintaining your rooftop units you will gain essential insights and the most critical best practices on:
  • The importance of rooftop safety
  • Height safety trends and available solutions
  • Review of codes, standards & regulations
  • Review of roof access points and how to eliminate a potential hazard
  • Checklist for how to go about selecting rooftop safety equipment

*Certificate of attendance is available upon request*

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