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We are proud to be an authorized distributor for these innovative optoelectonic brands. Here are recent product releases from American Bright, Kyocera, and SunLED.
SMT RGB LEDs with Buit-In ICs
American Bright offers a new series of RGB LED packages with a built-in integrated circuit that features self-detection signal, support for continuous oscillation, and pulse width modulation (PWM) output.

Available in PLCC-6 5050, and PLCC-4 5050, 3528, 4020 (side-emitting), and EMC 2020 packages.

5.8" WXGA with Optical Bonded PCAP Touch
Kyocera’s Optical Bonding technology eliminates the air gap found in standard tape bonded applications thus reducing internal reflection by up to 70%, dramatically enhancing front-of-screen performance in contrast, clarity and color saturation. Optical Bonding also improves shock resistance.

Kyocera in-house Optical Bond provides high quality, fully integrated solutions including factory warranty and many options to customize for your requirements.

3-Dome SMD LEDs
SunLED releases additional color combinations to its 3-Dome SMD LED. While previously only available in an R/G/B color configuration, this series is now available in R/G/Y (Red, Green, Yellow), RYB (Red, Yellow, Blue), and R/IR/B (Red, IR Blue). These allow for greater flexibility for various indication applications as well as light therapy.

This series utilizes a unique 3-Dome epoxy mold, with each emitting chip centered within each dome. This ensures that each emitting color produces optimal output when it comes to brightness. The narrow viewing angle makes this series ideal for any light pipe applications as well as high visibility requirements.

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