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Master Bond EP17HTND-CCM is a single component epoxy that is not premixed and frozen. This compound has a flowable paste consistency ideal for glob topping, chip coating and bonding. EP17HTND-CCM meets NASA low outgassing specifications and is serviceable from -80°F to +600°F.
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The Johnson line from Cinch Connectivity Solutions, offers SMA connectors from 50-75 ohm impedance. The Johnson SMA portfolio spans from PCB Mount, End Launch, High Frequency End Launch, Self-Fixture, Reverse Polarity, and Quick Connect. Designed for 500 mating cycles.
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Instant adhesives just got an upgrade with Loctite 402, an ultra-performance, highly durable, fast-setting instant adhesive. Easily bonds:
  • Metals
  • Plastics
  • Elastomers
  • Stainless Steel
  • Rubber
  • Wood
  • Paper
  • Leather
  • Fabric
Ideal for quick repairs and high-performance production applications, Loctite 402 will be the one you reach for over and over again.

In-stock and online, shop Loctite 402 today. Ships same day before 2pmET. Diverse Electronics is your authorized source for all your Henkel-Loctite bonding solutions.

Diverse Electronics
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Central Semiconductor’s new CAK transient voltage suppressors (TVS) are bi-directional glass passivated junction devices, designed to protect voltage-sensitive components from high energy transients mostly associated with lightning strikes and inductive load switching. Featuring a tight clamping ratio to ensure precise protection of sensitive electronics, these products have no inherent wear-out mechanism as is common with metal oxide varistor type components.

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Cleanly Singulate Tab Routed panels with the R100 Benchtop Router or with one of the N series Pneumatic Nibblers

The R100 is an economical Router to separate round or rectangular tab routed panels. Ideal for flexible low to medium volume production, it provides a low stress way to separate these panelized PCBs without expensive tooling or programming. https://www.fknsystek.com/
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