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Mornsun's LBH300-13Bxx series is an ultra-compact size and highly-efficient green power converter. It is a standard half brick package size with ultra-wide input voltage, high efficiency, high reliability, and reinforced isolation.
  • Ultra-wide 85 - 305VAC and 120 - 430VDC input voltage range
  • Typical efficiency up to 92%, power factor up to 0.99
  • International standard half brick package
  • Compact size, high power density
  • Over-temperature protection, input reverse polarity protection, over-voltage/over-current/output short circuit protection
  • Designed to meet UL/IEC62368 standards

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Nano-D connectors are designed to perform at military specification levels for high reliability and to remain working in both portable applications and extreme environments. These rugged high-reliability Nano-D connectors occupy less space and reduce the weight of the interconnect system for critical miniaturized electronic modules. Nano-D connectors are available in a range from SMT for printed circuit board surface mounting to straight tails and wired cable.
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Easy connection and fast locking: New push-pull M12 connectors from Phoenix Contact are up to 80 percent faster than screw connections. The connectors guarantee secure, tool-free plugging even in confined spaces with a high cabling density. Versions are available with internal locking to enable compact housing designs. With one M12 device connection for screw and push-pull connectors, you have greater flexibility. Countersunk M12 ports allow flush integration into the housing, giving you a more compact design. Both male and female versions are available for easy field extensions. Order a sample and learn more at www.phoenixcontact.com/m12pushpull.
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Who’s got the time to fiddle with flags? Brady’s new QuickFlags™ simplify wire marking so you can get on to the next job faster and fuss-free.
  • No aligning edges
  • No exposed adhesive
  • Enhanced identification with large print area
  • Fit from fibre optic to Cat5
  • Use highly durable UL-approved B-483 materials


Available for portable or benchtop, Brady QuickFlags save you time and hassle. One and done – wire marking the way it should be. Shop online to get yours today!
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Master Bond Supreme 3DM-85 is one part, thixotropic paste formulated to serve as the damming compound in dam-and-fill encapsulation applications. It is also utilized for bonding and sealing, especially where no flow is needed. The compound requires a relatively low heat cure of 85°C, is thermally conductive and electrically insulative.
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Join us for Canada’s only nationwide series of electronics shows!

EPTECH is a unique tradeshow that brings together members of Canada’s electronics industry and links them to the latest products, services and technology in a hands on, face-to-face environment.

Showcase your products and meet new customers at EPTECH, book your space before March 1 to save $100 per table.

Book before March 1 to take advantage of the early bird discount and to be included in the show guide!

Limited seminar spaces are also available.
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Advance: Women in Manufacturing is your chance to connect with industry experts and thought leaders whose shared goal is to promote gender equity, diversity and inclusion in Canadian manufacturing. Influencers in the Canadian manufacturing sector, as well as women who have trailblazed in their careers, will facilitate conversations on moving the dial and advancing women into positions of their choice.
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