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Transportation News 
Electro Sonic

Hydro-Québec partners with Mercedes-Benz on battery R&D

Move aims to accelerate development of solid-state battery technologies

The secrets of position sensing for autonomous vehicles

The success of autonomous vehicles is based upon solving the needs for fast response time, precision and long term calibration over time, temperature and use

Driving the wires of automation

MIPI specifications for wired connectivity interfaces in automotive
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Vicor Powering Modern Rail Systems

The Vicor ChiP® DCM2322™ is an isolated, regulated DC-DC converter module that meets modern railway compliance standards. The DCM2322 comes in a small, 22 x 23 x 7mm package. It offers broad input voltages (43 V to 154 V, 14 V to 72 V, and 9 V to 50 V) and achieves efficiencies up to 90.8%. With its high-frequency zero-voltage switching (ZVS) topology, the DCM2322 converter consistently delivers high efficiency across the input line range. The DCM2322 offers flexible thermal management options with very low top and bottom side thermal impedances. Learn More
Transportation Feature 

Environmental testing takes a front seat in automotive industry

Emergence of autonomous vehicles further underscores the importance of proper reliability and ingress protection (IP) testing » Read More
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EMA Design

Free e-book: 3D PCB Design and Analysis: When ECAD meets MCAD

The relationship between what a PCB needs to ‘do’ and how it ‘fits’ in the physical world is a delicate balance. Many designs are derailed by conflicts between ECAD and MCAD. Fortunately, design tools and practices have been developed to ensure MCAD and ECAD stay in sync. Download our free e-book and learn how your design's function can be defined alongside its form to ensure product success. Learn More
Transportation Products 
ACA Tmetrix

High-power digital amplifiers speed transportation design test

ACA TMETRIX AE Techron 8500-series wide-bandwidth, high-power digital amplifiers are fast enough for dc automotive dropout testing and capable of ac voltages required for ISO 61000 and aviation testing.  » Read More

TVS diodes boost power, current ratings to protect sensitive designs

BOURNS Model 15KPA-SD-Q series transient voltage suppressor (TVS) diodes are for use in dc bus clamping applications and protect sensitive electronics applications against overvoltage transients. » Read More

Piezo driver chip advances realistic haptic feedback in automotive HMIs

BOREAS TECHNOLOGIES BOS1211, the first low-power high-voltage piezoelectric driver integrated circuit (IC) enables high-definition (HD) haptic feedback in automotive human machine interfaces » Read More

Metallized polypropylene film capacitors serve electric automotive tech

KEMET R41T and R76H series AEC-Q200 qualified metallized polypropylene film capacitors address the stringent requirements of the latest automotive applications » Read More
MORE Transportation PRODUCTS 

Relays meet stringent IEC62752 requirements

AMERICAN ZETTLER AZEV116 and AZEV132 series of relays meet stringent requirements of IEC62752 for Mode 2 charging of Electric Vehicles (EV). » Read More

Safe, secure automotive Ethernet switch serves TSN

NXP SEMICONDUCTORS SJA1110 multi-gigabit Ethernet switch is designed to help automakers deliver the high-speed networks required for evolving connected vehicles. » Read More