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Prior exposure to powdery mildew makes plants more vulnerable

New research shows that infection actually makes a plant more susceptible to secondary infection — in experiments and in the wild.

Testing shows differences in temperature screening accuracy

Live testing at NutriGroupe’s facility has shown that not all scanning technology provides the same level of accuracy.

Lufa Farms launches world’s largest rooftop farm 

According to the City of Montréal, construction began in September 2019. The greenhouse measures 163,800 square feet—or the equivalent of three football fields.
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Agribusiness: Principles of Management, 1st Edition

Intended for all segments of agribusiness as well as non-agribusiness organizations, AGRIBUSINESS: PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT presents the changing face of agribusiness in a format that is interesting, straightforward, and easy to understand. This comprehensive text approaches agribusiness as a technology-oriented industry composed of organizations ranging in size from small, family-owned farms or businesses to some of the largest corporations in the world. With multiple opportunities for self-review as well as vignettes, cases, and examples in each chapter, this text shows students the real-world application of what they are learning and provides them with a solid understanding of what management is all about. Coverage of both the principles of business as well as the nuances of agribusiness gives students the unique skills they need in order to apply their knowledge and harness valuable resources. Learn More
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2020: The year of the garden

“2020 will go down as ‘The Year of Fruits and Vegetables,’” says Sue Baker, vice president of merchandising and marketing at Sheridan Nurseries. She reported in late May that “whether it’s seeds, bulbs or potted, we can’t keep the product in stock. Potted product is selling as fast as we can receive it from our growers.” Here’s what’s trending. » Learn more
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Opinion: Workers just like all others

One of the most common misconceptions — or, as they are, outright lies — being spread by opponents to the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program is that our workers are somehow treated as less than what they are: Important members of our community who are doing the hard and necessary tasks to protect and preserve Canada’s food security. » Learn more