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MSD Animal Health has announced the launch of FALCON® Biomass, a powerful, always-on biomass estimation unit that provides key information about average weight, distribution, and growth trends to improve fish farming operations. Built with more than 15 years of biomass estimation experience, measurements are collected autonomously, with reduced stress and negative impact on fish welfare or feeding because the fish remain in the water.

FALCON® Biomass provides insights throughout the fish life cycle for optimized farming operations. A user-friendly dashboard delivers a daily report of continuous measurements on average weight, growth, and size distribution for the population in the pen – all wirelessly transmitted, twenty-four hours a day.

The accessible online reporting enables timely decision making while FALCON® Biomass monitored pens enable optimized harvest planning by selecting the best dates to harvest. Furthermore, the access to key biomass data via a cloud storage system can be used to improve feeding strategies and medication dosing for better efficacy. MSD Animal Health provides access to on-site and technical assistance to ensure best-in-class support.

Get a Falcon-Eyed View into your pen. Visit www.aquafalcon.com to learn more.

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