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A Message from our sponsors

Salmogen Company is a broodstock company developing a North-American Atlantic Salmon strain that has been used in aquaculture for years. The company is partnering with world-leading experts on biosecurity measures and breeding programs, for both freshwater and seawater production in North-America and beyond.

Our first deliveries of eggs to both ocean- and land-based operations will start in 2027.
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Cryopreservation is the process of freezing biological material at extreme temperatures, causing all biological activity to stop, including biochemical reactions that would otherwise lead to cell death and DNA degradation. We have developed cryopreservation protocols for many different aquatic species, assuring the best possible outcomes to preserve desired genes.

With our specially designed laboratories worldwide as well as mobile laboratories, we want to give our clients easier access to our cryopreservation services.
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Introducing Benchmark’s new optimised Salmon Ova Product Portfolio with refined selection methods designed to deliver superior genetic performance and resilience.

The new product line offers high genetic potential for freshwater and seawater growth performance, high resistance to specific diseases such as IPN and CMS, and solid robustness in our customers’ typical farm environments.

Our new products are designed for improved growth, higher survival and better fish welfare.
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Today wraps up Hatchery International’s “Genetics Week”. We wish to thank our sponsors and please be sure to visit their website links here for more information about their relevant products. As we move through the next 12 months, more information will be posted to our HI Genetics page which will continue to keep the industry abreast of new technologies and best practices.
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