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Hatcheries worldwide begin to feel pandemic impact on bottom-line

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant impacts to almost every aspect of modern life and business, and the fish culture sector is no exception. Business has been impacted at every level, including the operations of hatcheries. Hatchery International spoke with representatives for the industry from around the world about the impacts of the pandemic-related orders for citizens to remain at home and for non-essential businesses to close.

BioMar opens new Tasmania feed facility

Aqua feed producer BioMar’s new facility in Tasmania, Australia, will produce up to 110,000 tons per year of aqua feed to support the Australian and Oceania aquaculture industry.
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Ideal Fabrication Material for Harsh & Corrosive Conditions

MAT Filtration Technologies manufactures its own pump strainer for Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) to provide efficient flow rate without cavitation while at the same time it extends the pump’s lifetime.  MAT Strainers can be manufactured in either Polyethylene, Polypropylene or Stainless Steel.
Due to the wide rage of commercial pumps larger than 800 m³/h flow rate, MAT Strainers are being manufactured in a large range of sizes from 10 m³ to 1000 m³ as well as custom made for your specific requirements. Learn More
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Coastal Shellfish poised for growth

With the developing success of Coastal Shellfish’s scallop farming operation, almost two decades of research and hard work are starting to pay off for British Columbia’s Coastal First Nations in Canada. » Read more

Boiled chicken egg yolk gives catfish fry a good start

A research team in Nigeria looking for easily available and affordable dry feeds for catfish (Clarias gariepinus) fry in the country found the answer in boiled chicken egg yolk combined with fish feed. The fish feed serves as the vital feed. » Read more
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Innovative Protein Skimmers Designed to Serve Fresh Water RAS

While everyone in our industry knows that it's almost impossible to achieve high density foam when operating in fresh water systems, MAT FILTRATION TECHNOLOGIES has been working for over 15 months to design and trial a properly functioning Freshwater Protein Skimmer for Salmon Fish Farms. Read how MAT has overcome all problems and produced a freshwater protein fractionator which efficiently removes sludge, residual and proteins from the dense pre smolt salmon tanks in RAS farms. » Read more