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5 Reasons to Use a Combination Plant
1. Greater Efficiency

Because domestic hot water and space heating loads tend to occur at different times of the day, a combination plant is able to reduce the peak design load and lower the overall heating capacity required…

2. Lower Installation Costs

Less venting and gas connections are needed when a combination plant is installed compared to when a gas–fired boiler and a domestic water heater solution are installed separately…
Benchmark® Condensing Boiler
  • AERtrim® patented O2 Trim technology
  • Edge Controller
  • Dual Returns for maximum efficiency
  • onAER® Predictive Maintenance
SmartPlate® EV Indirect Water Heater
  • 24" x 32" footprint
  • Capacities up to 4500 MBH and 300 PSIG
  • Standard and high-pressure systems
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