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Navigating the Challenge of a Large-Diameter Flow Meter Installation

In this whitepaper, Navigating the Challenge of a Large-Diameter Flow Meter Installation, Krohne looks at how generating accurate flow measurements in bulk transfer situations such as pipelines can be a difficult task that requires large-diameter meters; and while older mechanical metering technology tends to drift over time, Coriolis meters have a distinct advantage because they directly measure mass flow.

Compatibility of New Ultrasonic Meters with Small Provers Opens Use for Liquid Custody Transfer

The benefits of using ultrasonic flow meters for liquid custody transfer are vast – but because of early problems with small provers, the use of high-accuracy ultrasonic meters by oil producers has been limited mostly to a solution for improving pipeline leak detection performance. Recent advancements have mitigated the issues associated with direct proving of ultrasonic flow meters by small-volume provers, so the industry can now take advantage of this technology for liquid custody transfer.

The Benefits of Advanced Diagnostics to Extend Gas Flow Measurement Calibration

Meter inaccuracies will lead to errors in balance sheets, unaccounted-for losses or gains, and contract compliance issues, resulting in gas producers spending significant time and resources to prove and recalibrate flow meters. A new generation of custody transfer products use ultrasonic technology to provide accuracy that’s as good as or better than other flow meter types, without wear and tear, incorporating diagnostics that allow expensive calibrations to be postponed for years.

How Better Flow Measurement Underpins Enhanced Pipeline Leak Detection

Ultrasonic and Coriolis flow meters are generally the most accurate technologies to support pipeline leak detection systems. Coriolis meters have a distinct advantage because they directly measure mass flow; however, their use for pipeline leak detection has been limited because of the misconception that the devices could not survive rugged applications. But straight-tube Coriolis flow meters are easier to install and minimize pressure drop without sacrificing performance.
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