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How to Eliminate Clamp Galling

L.J. Star Incorporated
Hygienic/sanitary plants are demanding environments without having to worry about whether clamp galling or thread galling – a condition when a clamp’s bolt and nut become bound or locked together. At times they even have to be cut off for repair. It’s a particular problem for clamps made of stainless steel. This white paper explains how galling occurs – and how to prevent it.

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Mettler Toledo
METTLER TOLEDO's new catalog provides a comprehensive overview of analytical measurement solutions for liquid process applications, pure water monitoring and gas-phase measurement. It contains updated information on:
  • 2840Si dual silica and phosphate analyzer
  • Sensors & analyzers for pH, ORP, dissolved O2, dissolved CO2, turbidity and conductivity
  • Water monitoring equipment for total organic carbon, conductivity, dissolved O2, dissolved ozone, pH, sodium, silica, chloride, sulfate and bioburden
  • Variety of gas analyzers
  • Full portfolio of analog and Intelligent Sensor Management sensors
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