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The Meca500 is the best-in-class micro-manipulation robot for pick and place, assembly, dispensing, machine tending, and testing & inspection applications. With a 330mm reach and payload of 0.5kg, the Meca500 has the agility and payload to work in even the most challenging environments.

With its low price and accurate performance, the Meca500 industrial robot arm is perfect for your micro-manipulation application.
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Mechanical systems have limited accuracy due to gear backlash, flexible belts, couplings, and part wear. This new generation of direct drive motors changes that. Get no backlash or mechanical play, high torque density, and torque sensing through motor current, all while having drive compatibility with top drive brands. Find out how you can reduce your machine footprint and eliminate water cooling to create a simplified machine design with the Genesis LDR housed torque motor.
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