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Our climate is changing. Extreme weather events and above all, increasing dryness are becoming a major challenge for every harvest. The solution can be found only in intelligent irrigation management. Precise distribution of water down to the last corner and in nearly any terrain is the solution from BAUER.
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  • Complete Draghose Systems – Expert Guidance
  • Washdown and Barn Solutions – Become more Efficient
  • Nutrient Manure Management – Let over 100 years’ experience moving fluids make it Simpler…
  • Proudly Designed and Manufactured in Canada – Built to last
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Paul Mastine
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Since 1960, Vaughan Company’s American-made, heavy-duty pumps and systems have been successfully applied on dairy farms where high reliability and low maintenance are demanded. If you are planning to attend this year’s World Dairy Expo, please stop by booth “TC 567-608” to discuss how we can assist you. From barn flush pits to separator feeds and lagoons, Vaughan Company has your back with the toughest solutions in the field. Not going? Learn more at CHOPPERPUMPS.COM.
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We know exactly of what manure is made of. That’s why our equipment is designed to handle it in the most efficient way. Our expertise is unmatched. Let our specialists and dealers advise you on a manure management plan made for your farm. Manure does not have any secrets from us.
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