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Discover the versatility of Shim Rolls for precision adjustments and alignments in your projects. Available in a range of thicknesses (0.0005” to 0.032”), standard width (6” or 12”) and delivering exceptional durability, these essential tools ensure seamless performance and optimal functionality. Elevate your designs with Daemar’s range of Shim Rolls offered in various materials, including Stainless Steel, Brass and Copper, for unmatched precision. Perfect your manufacturing operations with the power of precision!
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Hercules Sealing Products Canada introduces our newly expanded hardened steel bushing line, with 65 additional sizes added. These high carbon steel bushings are used in heavy machinery applications. They are typically used on mobile heavy equipment and attachments. Industries include construction, mining, forestry, waste, agriculture, etc

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Join us on September 20 at 1 pm ET for the Future of Automation: 2023 Technology Forum! Editorially selected thought leaders and industry-leading manufacturers will share the different automation options available to manufacturers for a strong and secure future.

Learn about advanced data processing capabilities, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud and edge technologies, collaborative automation, intelligent robotics and more.
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