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Walter Surface

PEMAC Announces New Asset Management Awards

PEMAC Asset Management Association of Canada announced two new asset management awards. The Asset Management Leadership Award, which is an individual award, and the Asset Management Achievement Award, which is a team award

Rittal and Franklin Empire Partner

Franklin Empire Inc., and Rittal Systems Ltd., have entered into an expanded partnership. Franklin Empire will now become a distributor for Rittal in Quebec.

GM Canada to Provide 10 Million Face Masks

General Motors of Canada will produce 10 million face masks over the next year for the Government of Canada, beginning immediately.

TMMC Builds Nine-Millionth Vehicle

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada rolled a Lexus RX 450h hybrid luxury SUV of the production line in Cambridge, Ontario, the nine millionth vehicle produced by TMMC.

MainTrain 2020 Goes Digital

PEMAC Asset Management Association of Canada has announced that its MainTrain 2020 Conference will be fully digital and hosted online.

Walter Surface

70% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer - Health Canada Approved

Keep your employees and your customers safe with Aerochem’s 70% alcohol hand sanitizer. Aerochem’s formula is made with the highest quality of food grade alcohol available and is enhanced with vitamin E to keep hands moisturized. Liquid solution evaporates slowly to kill germs and bacteria, all while eliminating sticky residue. Health Canada approved. NPN: 80098560. » Learn more

Managing Maintenance and Reliability Part 1

In part one, James describes maintenance management techniques, how IIOT is changing how maintenance is managed, and where it is taking predictive maintenance. As well as sharing stories about his experiences with maintenance. » Learn more
Sponsored Spotlight 

High Efficiency Emergency Lightbulb

  Seamlessly operating from standard AC, or up to 280VDC, this LED lightbulb can eliminate inverters, simplify wiring and increase reliability in emergency lighting systems.
  This 9W AC/DC LED lightbulb replaces 100W incandescent bulbs providing better quality lighting and lasting 50 times longer while maintaining the standard E26 base and A21 shape. It is also approved for use in fully-enclosed fixtures.
  Its unique dual operation from either 110-130 VAC or 105-280 VDC allows it to be powered in emergency operation by higher voltage battery power for much longer than conventional lighting without the use of inverters or special wiring. DC can be supplied directly to the fixture with the same gauge cable as for the AC input. The higher efficiency allows for a ten-fold increase in emergency lighting time.
» Learn more

Not Just New – Better

Seeing sound with astounding accuracy is the future of leak detection in compressed air systems. Acoustic imaging includes ground-breaking technology that uses an array of tiny supersensitive microphones to detect sounds both in the human hearing and ultrasonic ranges. » Learn more