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Return of North American economy will negate need for tariffs, PM tells Trump

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urged Donald Trump to think twice Monday before imposing new tariffs on Canadian aluminum, saying the sector is emerging from the pandemic-induced production stance that prompted the White House to consider such measures in the first place.

Fire ravages ship for 2nd day; sends acrid haze over city

Flames tore through a warship for a second day Monday as a top Navy official revealed that a fire suppression system was inoperable when the blaze erupted while the ship was docked in San Diego.

Yamana says Canadian Malartic gold mine exceeded post COVID production targets

Yamana Gold Inc. says the Canadian Malartic mine in Quebec has ramped up production more quickly than anticipated following a COVID-related shut-down.

American Airlines threatens to cancel some Boeing Max orders

American Airlines is warning Boeing that it could cancel some overdue orders for the grounded 737 Max unless the plane maker helps line up new financing for the jets, according to people familiar with the discussions.

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Longer Running Process Machinery: NSK High Performance Bearings

Higher loads. Higher speeds. Longer life. In pumps, motors, drives and equipment critical to optimizing plant capacity. NSKHPS bearings employ edge-of-the-art design to deliver increased dimensional and running accuracy, minimizing vibration and heat generation to promote extended bearing life and lower operational costs. » Visit NSKAmericas.com

Magnetism and Bearings

The question about allowable magnetism in bearings arose from a shaft being magnetized when a manufacturing company cut a portion of its shaft that the bearing was to be mounted on. » Learn more

Managing Maintenance and Reliability Part 2

In part two, James speaks about the importance of reliability when managing machinery and equipment. He also speaks to how companies can improve their maintenance, why some companies have a hard time achieving reliability, do’s and don’t’s of reliability, how reliability goes beyond maintenance, and how analytical methods are important for reliability. » Learn more
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Traditional Fastening Methods Leave Gaps, LOCTITE® Threadlockers Fill Them

Mechanical locking devices, such as split washers and nylon nuts, were invented to solve the common problem of loosening that happens in most threaded assemblies. The reality is that they don’t maintain clamp load and often loosen under vibration, thermal expansion and/or improper torque.

Why? Because mechanical devices leave gaps between the engaging threads after assembled.

By filling the gaps with threadlocker and eliminating side-to-side movement, LOCTITE® threadlockers have dramatically increased the reliability of threaded assemblies by preventing fastener loosening – a leading cause of catastrophic equipment failure. Request your FREE sample today!

» Watch it in ACTION!

Spring Loaded LVIT Linear Position Sensor

Harold G. Schaevitz Industries LLC ILPS-18S Series spring loaded inductive linear position sensors using LVIT Technology are used for dimensional gauging and position measurements. » Learn more

Low Profile Stoppers

Pipestoppers, a Division of Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT, design and manufacture mechanical and inflatable pipestoppers and plugs. » Learn more


CMC S.p.A., Paper-PRO is a new auto-bagging system. It is designed to automate the fulfilment of single or multi products in cut-to-size, ready-to-ship paper bags, the system can process cardboard and bubble paper. » Learn more