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MRO Summit

MRO Virtual Summit – One Week to Go

MRO Magazine's Maintenance and Reliability in a Changed World Virtual Summit is set to take place next week.

Development of LNG industry could create almost 100,000 jobs, says report

A report funded by the Canadian liquefied natural gas industry estimates that creating a 56-million-tonnes-per-year LNG industry in B.C. would result in nearly 100,000 jobs.

Landing gear maintenance issue behind 2018 Dash 8 crash landing at N.L. airport

A safety report says the 2018 crash landing of a passenger aircraft at an airport in Newfoundland and Labrador was due to a loss of hydraulic fluid in the plane’s front landing gear.

Infamous ‘Windsor Hum’ finally dies down after U.S. Steel idles Zug Island plant

The mysterious, low-frequency noise that plagued the city of Windsor, Ont., for nearly a decade has finally quieted down after a steel factory just outside neighbouring Detroit halted its operations indefinitely.

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Traditional Fastening Methods Leave Gaps, LOCTITE® Threadlockers Fill Them

Mechanical locking devices, such as split washers and nylon nuts, were invented to solve the common problem of loosening that happens in most threaded assemblies. The reality is that they don’t maintain clamp load and often loosen under vibration, thermal expansion and/or improper torque.

Why? Because mechanical devices leave gaps between the engaging threads after assembled.

By filling the gaps with threadlocker and eliminating side-to-side movement, LOCTITE® threadlockers have dramatically increased the reliability of threaded assemblies by preventing fastener loosening – a leading cause of catastrophic equipment failure. Request your FREE sample today!

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Routine Maintenance on Production Equipment: Who Should Do It?

When equipment needs maintenance, we naturally think about the tradespeople in the maintenance department. However, not all equipment servicing is done by maintenance people. For many years, we have had production operators perform many of the routine inspections, commonly called clean, inspect, and lubricate. » Learn more
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Maintenance and Reliability in a Changed World Virtual Summit

MRO Magazine and Annex Business Media are hosting a half-day Maintenance and Reliability in a Changed World Virtual Summit. It will allow maintenance, reliability, and maintenance professionals to learn techniques to optimize their day-to-day maintenance activities.

Sessions will be led by Suzane Greeman on Executive Leadership in Asset Management: What The C-Suite Needs to Know, and James Reyes-Picknell on The New Normal for Continual Improvement. Followed by an open discussion featuring speakers and sponsor representatives. » Learn more

Managing Maintenance and Reliability Part 2

In part two, James speaks about the importance of reliability when managing machinery and equipment. He also speaks to how companies can improve their maintenance, why some companies have a hard time achieving reliability, do’s and don’t’s of reliability, how reliability goes beyond maintenance, and how analytical methods are important for reliability. » Learn more