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<br><br><b>Speak up! Speak Out!</b>

Speak up! Speak Out!

Prevention versus Intervention: Harassment leaves scars on a workplace that are difficult to heal, even if proper procedures are followed. We can do more to:

Inoculate employees from the worst effects of workplace harassment;
Build teams that naturally repel harassing behaviour;
Develop psychologically safe leaders who address issues effectively;
Create a culture that does not allow harassment to go unnoticed;
Update policies to provide clear expectations and consistent consequences.

Speaker: Mary Ann-Baynton
Mary Ann-Baynton, principal of Mary Ann Baynton & Associates Consulting, works with employers, organizations, unions, teams, and associations to address or resolve workplace issues related to individual or organizational mental health. >> Read more about Mary Ann-Baynton
Who Should Attend:
  • Chief executive officers
  • Senior safety-management executives
  • Professionals in managerial/safety supervisory roles
  • Joint health and safety committee leaders
  • Professionals in safety-sensitive jobs, including construction, transportation services, logistics, manufacturing, resource extraction and healthcare.
What You Will Learn:
  • Warning signs of workplace harassment
  • Develop an effective workplace-harassment policy
  • Demonstrate due diligence and compliance
  • Best practices on investigating harassment complaints
  • Design preventive strategies
  • Create a respectful work culture
  • Training on acceptable behaviour

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