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Contractor incidents are 2 to 3 times higher compared to full-time employees.

The complexity of managing contractor risk is growing, especially when you take into consideration multiple regions, regulations, and requirements.

How can you transform your contractor management with our innovative solution?

Join our webinar for a live demo of Alcumus’ end to end Contractor Management Solution. You will be guided by Erica Zeffiro, an industry expert who collaborates with major companies across Canada to create safer workplaces. Erica helps hiring clients to understand how digital tools can drive visibility of contractor risk, improved efficiencies, reduced costs, and how to elevate contractor performance.

Learn how to:
  • Gain clear visibility of contractor risks
  • Streamline internal processes to foster growth
  • Ensure strict compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Reduce administrative workload with our expert team

Erica Zeffiro, industry expert at Alcumus, creates safer workplaces by collaborating with major companies across Canada to implement tools and best practices when working with contractors. The programs Erica puts together focus on improving efficiencies, reducing costs, and elevating contractor performance.

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