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This forward-looking webinar with Avetta is a must-attend event for safety professionals and organizational leaders. We'll explore cutting-edge safety management strategies and practices set to define the landscape in 2024. Learn how to integrate these innovative approaches into your organization for a safer, more compliant, and engaged workforce.

Key Learnings:

1. Prioritize and Integrate Serious Injury and Fatality Intervention:
  • Assess the Limits of Compliance-Based Strategies: Understand why traditional compliance-focused approaches fall short in significantly reducing fatalities.
  • Incorporate Third-Party Contributions: Explore how to effectively integrate third-party employees into safety strategies, moving beyond compliance to more risk-based approaches.
  • Enhance Safety Integration and Reporting: Learn to implement advanced safety practices that meaningfully integrate observations and reporting, setting new safety standards in joint-employer environments.
2. Evolving Data Interpretation at Executive Levels:
  • Beyond Traditional Metrics: Recognize the limitations of traditional lagging metrics in safety management and the need for new, context-rich metrics.
  • Influence C-Level and Board Understanding: Discover strategies to educate and lead executive-level stakeholders towards a 'New View' of safety that values both traditional metrics and proactive safety indicators.
3. Navigating the ESG Opportunity in Safety Leadership:
  • Leverage Safety in ESG Discourse: Grasp the role of safety within the 'Social' aspect of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and how it impacts human capital care.
  • Implement Leading Indicator Activities: Learn to introduce and report on leading indicators that align with C-Level and Board expectations, demonstrating a proactive approach to workforce care within the ESG framework.

Speaker bio

Scott DeBow

Scott DeBow, CSP/ARM serves as Principal of Health/Safety & Environmental for Avetta – the leading provider of supply chain risk management software. He’s a highly collaborative, strategic thinker and operator with 19 years of progressive leadership in the realm of risk/occupational safety.  With an “inside-out” perspective as a safety professional in nontraditional employment settings, he sees tremendous opportunity for systems improvements that can work together to reliably create and maintain safer work environments. Working to align people, teams, and industry resources for safety within the joint-employer community, he devotes much of his time developing safety leadership across organizations with a targeted emphasis on systems improvements to address the most critical type of risk far too easily overlooked: serious injury/fatality, or SIF.

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