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At Impacto Protective Products, we take pride in delivering innovative safety solutions tailored to your individual needs. Our products are designed to provide high-quality protection and comfort for your workforce. Our offerings not only address safety concerns, but also increase productivity and efficiency. Our product catalog offers a variety of options for hand, knee, and foot protection, as well as additional products that can make a difference in your workplace.
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Water-resistant yet breathable, these multi-purpose gloves use thermal insulation and our state-of-the-art TEMRES® technology to keep hands warm, dry, and well-protected in cold climates for optimal comfort and performance. Enhanced surface grip on the fingertips allows a high level of tactile precision when working with wet objects or small components. The glove's seamless knit and thin fleece liner keep hands irritation-free when worn for long periods of time. The SHOWA TEMRES® 282 remains flexible down to -50°C.
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