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A second skin

Fire-resistant apparel acts as a layer of clothing that can literally save your skin — and is a must for many workers.

5 life-saving facts you may not know about flame-resistant fabrics

Both workers and employers need assurance that the protective garments they choose provide a high degree of safety and flame resistance.

Dressed for a fire

Fire-retardant apparel comes in the form of shirts, jackets, pants, overalls, hoods with face shields, outdoor outerwear and full-body coveralls.

Wildfires: Tackling emerging respiratory hazards

In recent years, western Canada has been battling more frequent and severe wildfires, giving rise to safety concerns over the ability of emergency protocols and procedures to protect first responders who attend to such emergency situations.
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Flammable storage cabinets protect chemicals

HEMCO’s flammable storage cabinets are specifically designed for the storage of flammable chemicals. They are insulated with high-temperature fiberglass insulation and are UL 1275-listed. » Read More

Dräger technology protects against smoke-borne gases

Dräger offers a patented ‘toxic twins’ alarm function on its X-am 5000 multi-gas monitor that measures CO and HCN against a combined threshold. » Read More