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On-Site's 2023 Top Contractors report
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Although Canada’s construction industry seems to be destined to be hit by wave after wave of challenges, its resilience showed few cracks as revenues were on the rise in 2022, as can be seen in this year’s Top Contractors list. Our 2023 list, which is based on 2022 revenues, has more companies in the billion-dollar club than ever before.

Despite inflationary pressures being added to the obstacles to navigate – a list that last year included supply chain tightness, labour concerns, the lingering impacts of the pandemic, and heightened inflation – revenues held steady or were on the rise at the vast majority of companies that took part in our annual voluntary survey of the industry.

Our annual Top Contractors report dives into how the industry performed in 2022.

It includes:

  • The Top 40 – Our list of the industry's biggest firms
  • An in-depth look how key issues are impacting the sector
  • A look at the top five companies with under 50 employees