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Structural Armor WRS is a manufacturer of modular retainment tanks and liner systems. Using cutting-edge patented technology, we have formulated highly engineered products that highlight strength, customization, durability, and easy installation.

Retainment tanks of the future… Our Modular Tanks can be built in nearly any size and with depths up to 3.2 meters, accommodate most species requirements (including salmon)! The tanks ship quickly and without bulk on pallets and can be built on-site in just a few hours.

Building liners into something better… With our Polyethylene Liners, you receive a CAD designed, robotically cut, form-fit liner that is specific to your tank. The liner is part of a patent pending system and includes a ‘Double F-Track’ (fits to nearly any tank…concrete, fiberglass, metal, etc…), that holds the liner securely in place (no shifting, folds, or creases). See how our liners could breathe new life into your tank!

With decades of expertise in composite building materials, polyethylene liners, and customer service, our team will ensure you are fully supported. Our vertical integration allows us to offer a 24 hour quote turnaround, 5 day production and shipping, and in-field installation support during construction and in perpetuity. A seamless process from start to finish.

Structural Armor WRS
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