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Today wraps up RASTECH’s “RAS Water Quality Week”. We wish to thank our sponsors and please be sure to visit their website links here for more information about their relevant products. As we move through the next 12 months, more information will be posted to our RAS Water Quality page which will continue to keep the industry abreast of new technologies and best practices to maintain the highest levels of water quality at their RAS operations.
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As fish production intensifies and the ramifications of microbiological contamination can be detrimental, effective water biosecurity solutions are critical to control the fish growth environment and ensure fish welfare. Water disinfection technology must deliver on its promise of consistent and reliable performance. With over two decades of global field experience with the toughest industry-related pathogens, Atlantium’s HOD™ UV technology is a game-changer, transforming your vision of water biosecurity into REAL production stability and REAL performance.
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Pro-Oceanus Systems designs and manufactures rugged and reliable dissolved gas sensors for in situ measurement of dissolved CO2, and TDG. Our trusted instrumentation is ideal for monitoring these parameters in recirculating systems, open pens, live transport, and more. With continuous monitoring, ensuring fish are not exposed to detrimental levels of CO2 and TDG is improved and simplified.
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