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Hanwha Vision’s intelligent surveillance solutions are built to deliver everything system integrators need:  easy installation, flexible configuration, reduced maintenance, and aesthetic designs to fit multiple environments. With AI-based IP cameras, multi-directional cameras, on-board analytics, specialty devices, recorders and more, Hanwha Vision solutions reduce logistical headaches for any project of any scope. Learn why our solutions are right for your projects.
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Camden’s newest strike, the CX-ED1959RM-MB for RIM exit devices, follows the introduction of Camden’s CX-ED1959-MB strike which is designed for cylindrical locksets. Ideal for exposed perimeter doors and gates, they feature stainless-steel construction with an integrated ANSI square faceplate and grade 1 performance. They include a steel mounting box and are backed by Camden’s five-year warranty.
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There are advantages to cloud-based access solutions, but it may not be the right fit every time. Learn the pros and cons of on-premise vs cloud-based solutions.
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Victor started Harding Security Services Inc, in 2009 as a Canadian Mergers & Acquisition Advisory firm to focus on helping owners in all parts of the security business- alarm, integration, guard, fire, distribution and monitoring stations - value, buy or sell other security companies. Over a period of more than 25 years, Victor has helped close many deals, first for 2 of the major players in Canada, VOXCOM and Protectron and for the last 15 years for his own clients in all parts of Canada.

Aside from running his M & A business, Victor writes a bi-monthly article for SP&T News on issues surrounding valuing and selling security businesses. He also gives webinars on the same subjects, sends out a semi-annual newsletter on mergers and acquisitions happenings in the industry and occasionally get called as an expert witness.
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