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About Us


Camden is here to support your next project with a complete range of award-winning locking products, including electric strikes, magnetic locks, delayed egress maglocks, and more. Many products have a universal design, with features such as latch monitoring and compliance with both UL Security and Fire standards at no extra cost. We also back our locks with our ‘no-hassle’ 5 year to lifetime warranty!
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Competitive Cost:
Lower cost for basic security protection

Intuitive End-User DSC Connect App:
Offers remote alarm panel control

Simple Installation:
Plug & play using DSC PC Link cable

DSC Installer App:
Smartphone app for fast installation and configuration

Superior Reliability:
5G-Ready Dual SIM Communicator

Multi-Carrier Support:
Supports top carriers such like Verizon, AT&T, Rogers, Bell, Telus & more
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Hik-Partner Pro is an all-in-one security service platform that provides Hikvision’s partners easy access to the information and tools you need to run your business, while also delivering efficient device management and extended, value-added services with round-the-clock convenience.

With the app, you can set up and maintain devices remotely, meaning there's no need to be physically on-site to configure devices or manage networks.

Now, with Hik-Partner Pro, you can manage everything on the go!
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NBG Telecom, a leading provider of security and surveillance products for Canada's alarm dealers, is thrilled to announce its recent authorization as a partner of Bosch, a renowned supplier and manufacturer of high-end security and surveillance equipment. NBG Telecom has been dedicated to equipping alarm dealers with the necessary tools and services to compete effectively with major telecommunications companies. Offering a diverse range of top-quality security and surveillance products, including cameras, sensors, motion detectors, accessories, and more.
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