A message from Marmic

Forming a chemical plan can be an overwhelming, expensive and a time-consuming process for any golf course, lawn care service or sports turf facility. If you are in the role of golf course superintendent, grounds manager or agronomist, it is a given that you know the science behind making beautiful and functional turfgrass. The selection process, coupled with finding ways to spend your budget wisely, can often be a concern for a turf manager.

It is extremely difficult for turf managers to filter through the information associated with the barrage of new products or packaged blends made available to the consumer each year, while deciphering how transportation and other contributing factors, like deciding on an early order program, can impact your inventory and supply costs. Not to mention, each property itself has unique characteristics that a manager must also take into consideration. This is not an enviable task and should not be taken lightly because of its impact to the budget and the impression it can leave of the manager’s problem-solving capabilities.