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Business as usual – for the most part – for Regina Weed Man franchisee

Business is down a little bit from previous years, but Regina Weed Man franchisee Simon Taylor says it’s still business as usual for the most part.

B.C. municipalities urged to act now against grubs

Residents in the British Columbia region of Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody are being urged to take immediate action to prevent and control chafer beetle grubs on their lawns.

As many as 1,000 ash trees in Windsor may have survived insect’s wrath

The City of Windsor, Ont. had thought it had lost all of its ash trees from the emerald ash borer infestation that hit the region in 2000, but an inventory that began in June has found about 500 ash trees still standing.

Dandelion populations continue to grow since ban

Ever since Manitoba implemented its cosmetic pesticide ban five years ago, boulevards and parks in Winnipeg have become increasingly more yellow and then white as dandelions have outcompeted grass.

Medicine Hat experiencing big increase in dandelion populations

Medicine Hat is dealing with an extraordinary increase in the number of dandelions growing in city green spaces this summer.
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Weeds: food source

Weeds to some are food to others

What many Canadians wish never to see growing on their lawns are a highly sought-after food source for others. » Read More

Chafer presence in Saint John area getting worse

A rash of torn up lawns on homes and businesses in the Saint John, N.B. region is being attributed to an infestation of the European chafer beetle. » Read more...

Ash borer’s Maritime spread will continue: CFIA

The emerald ash borer will continue its spread throughout the Maritime provinces, a biologist with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency says. » Read more...

Researchers in Atlantic Canada keeping ahead of insect threats

Atlantic Canadian researchers say early intervention and stepped up monitoring have proven successful in the battle against the effects on trees by invasive insect species. » Read more...

Reduced-rate nematodes offered in Burnaby to help combat lawn grubs

The City of Burnaby is offering its residents nematodes at a reduced rate to help combat chafer grubs in their lawns. » Read more...

SIMA Snow & Ice Symposium

Aug 25-28, 2020
Location: Hartford, CT
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October 21 - 23, 2020
Location: Louisville, KY
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